Realizing Your Worth

When I was a young woman, my biggest problem was not realizing my worth. I allowed people to come into my life and play a role in it who weren’t worthy. I didn’t see the Goddess in me. I didn’t see the light inside of me.

So many of us, fail to see the awesome inside of us and we fail to see that we are worthy. I showed a list of my affirmations to a friend, and he said to me, “One of those affirmations I find hard to accept.” Puzzled, I asked him which one, there are about 30 that I say everyday…. He said, “I am worthy.” I asked him, "If you don’t believe that you are worthy of love, of happiness, of peace, of good fortune, of prosperity, of good health, of kindness, of compassion…how do you think you’ll obtain those things?" How is it that there are thousands of people on this earth that have all of those things, plus, but you don’t? The difference is…they believe it, so they have it. They’ve manifested those things into their life and so they have it. They aren’t any more special than you, they just believe all those things are possible for them.

Every morning, before you touch foot to floor you need to say, “I am worthy.” Say it every morning, and every day, whenever there is a mirror…look at yourself and say…I AM WORTHY. That…is my affirmation, and I am sharing it with you. I am worthy! You are worthy of happiness, you are worthy of love, and you are worthy of peace. That feeling, must be felt on every cellular level. You must pull those words straight out from your gut. I am worthy of love! I am worthy of happiness! I am worthy of peace! I am worthy of success! I am worthy of love! I am worthy of happiness! I am worthy of peace! I am worthy of success! I am worthy of my dreams! Stop thinking that you are undeserving of it.

I use to think all the bad things that happened to me was probably due to my past life. I must have been a hellion, because why else would I be experiencing such pain in my present life? I was measuring my worth, by what kind of life I thought I may have lived way back in the day. Never once did I think it’s was simply that thing called life, and that the Universe was building me Kelli strong. Not once did I think the Universe was paving the way for me to be better than my former self. That…to get to the next level I would have to be guided, taught, then tested. You are worthy of love! You are worthy of respect! You are worthy of peace!

Change the way you view your story…change the way you see yourself, and you will change your life.

Article Written By Kelli Thomas of Earth's Spirit Herbs, LLC