Finding Yourself and Living In Your Truth

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Wow! Where do I begin? How do I tell people how to find self when it took years, I mean years, before I even started to discover who I am? How do I show people how to find self, when there are times I still find myself in search of my own truth?

As a young girl, I always felt like I stood out from the crowd, but not necessarily in a good way. I felt awkwardly out of place and knew that my view on life was seemingly different from others. In my own search for self, I found that sometimes you have to dig deep, I mean deeper than you have ever gone before and get your hands dirty. That in order to find self, you are going to have to dig through emotions you’ve buried years ago. You’ll have to unearth those feelings, the good, the bad and the ugly, and get your nails filthy. Digging deeply within your soul will have you on your knees…crying huge crocodile tears. It will bring you to that “ugly cry”, but it will be cleansing.

The problem is most of us are either too lazy to put in the work, yet wonder why our lives are stagnate, or too afraid to put in the work, yet wonder why we still live in pain. You see, there is no “Get Out of Jail” free card here, and trust…you’ll be taking the road less traveled. However, the grass is much greener on the other side!

When I started this journey of self-discovery, I found that most of the relationship I had formed with people were catastrophic to my well-being. I blamed others for being rotten friends or horrible boyfriends. I had to come to the realization that I played a major role in that performance. I had to realize I was the author of my own series and in order for things to change, I had to take stock in what part I was playing in my life and understand I had the ability to write, rewrite and fire actors whenever necessary. The name of that show, “Clearing the Madness.” I had to stop blaming others. Most of the time I knew what I was getting into, because his or her reputation preceded them. For the other cast of characters I allowed in my life, they showed me who they really were from the beginning, but I didn’t believe them. My road to finding self and my truth was a rocky and a challenging one, but plot twist, I wasn't afraid of getting dirty.

Put your big girl/boy pants on and go on that journey of self-discovery. Find your truth. Love on those parts that make you a beautiful unique diamond and get to work on polishing those places that don’t shine too brightly. It. Is. Your. Life! You can’t truly live it until you find self! You can’t truly live it until you find your truth!

Article Written By Kelli Thomas of Earth's Spirit Herbs, LLC