Be Indebted to Yourself

Sometimes people think just because they are family or a lifelong friend, you owe them your first and last breath, you owe them an explanation as to why you do what you do, or you owe them sacred space in your life….

Let me put this on the table for you to pick up, “Be indebted to yourself and protect your energy.” Take anyone who is in your life at face value and adjust accordingly. I am constantly re-evaluating the people I spend time with. I owe that much to myself. If you’re an energy vampire, I don’t want to be around you. If you can’t support my grind, there is no place in my life for you. Life can be a series of ups and downs. Step back and take stock of the people you have in your life. How are those people helping you get through life’s tragedies? Are they happy for your successes? Are they sapping the very life out of you? When the chips are down, are they the first you reach out to for that pep talk?

Note to self: Even family members can be contaminating life sucking judgmental individuals.

For those of us who are compassionate people, removing people out of our life can be a challenge. There is a saying, “Hurt people hurt people” and there are a lot of unhappy hurt people in this world who find comfort in your discomfort. Learn to discern between those who you can rescue and those who are un-rescuable. Some people set up shop in their pain, and seek others to become self-destructive members of their club of bitterness. Think about it, we can be in the best of moods, until a negative person comes around. You find beauty in the rain, but somehow their distaste for the rain, now becomes your disfavor for the rain. Be a courier of peace and love to those who are open to receive…the others pray for them, then distant yourself. Sometimes you have to love and support from afar.

Remember YOU are responsible for protecting your mental health and your peace of mind. No one else.... You have the responsibility to be an advocate for your well-being. Don’t hesitate to unfriend people, not just on FaceBook and Instagram, but in your physical life. Step into self-preservation and reside in it. You can’t go about this thing called life alone, so surround yourself with supportive people and don’t hesitate to re-evaluate and adjust, whenever necessary.

Article Written By Kelli Thomas of Earth's Spirit Herbs, LLC